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MAGNATEX, Inc initially began its business as a supplier of FRA glass, polycarbonate, and molded extruded rubber products to one segment of the rail industry, that being the light, commuter and subway rail car market. Our products have been primarily used on passenger windows, locomotive windshields, light-rail windscreen panels and bus shelter glass panels.

MAGNATEX, Inc offers a product line and scope of work to include glass for government facilities, prisons, courthouses, federal buildings, and banks featuring security glass products as well as the fast food industry.

In addition, MAGNATEX, Inc has the capabilities to manufacture, package and distribute other fabricated and machined parts for the agricultural, distribution, and heavy rail car industries.

MAGNATEX, Inc also provides services as a general contracting firm and has completed projects in Kentucky, Indiana & Tennessee.


"Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things."

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